Flea Market Romance

You might be thinking, what is so romantic about a flea market?? Well a lot actually! When you think of antiques and the stories behind them, a flea market can be a very romantic place. If you are into thrift stores and flea markets then this will be the perfect date. If you are with someone you either are married to or live with, these are the perfect places for good finds!! You can practically furnish a home going to flea markets, or at the very least find some cool accents and knick knacks.

Get our your news paper or local guide and see what’s in your area, what days and times they are open and plan a day of it. Most flea markets have places where you can get something to eat and drink too, if you’d rather just go and search for fun finds and then go and have a nice lunch or dinner that works good too. We have found a couple of places that actually have some great food though, so don’t count it out before you try it 😉

Since there are so many different places you can go, check out other towns too, you can have a weekend away in a new town and just go exploring the local shops and flea markets. This can be wonderfully romantic and fun!  Don’t forget the local farmers markets either, you can find some great deals on local produce that you could use in either a picnic or dinner later after shopping. So have fun, look for some great deals and enjoy!

Romantic Horse and Buggy Date

You have seen it a million times on tv and in movies, this gorgeous horse and buggy pull up and the man gets out and hands the girl flowers and helps her in and away they go into the sunset. It is so romantic isn’t it?! Well not everyone has the option for this one, but if you do I recommend it! The best thing about it is, aside from it pouring out you can take a horse and buggy ride just about anytime! Even in the winter, and talk about cuddle time!!

A winter horse and buggy ride is more romantic I think, cuddling under a blanket against your man couldn’t be more romantic. Add some wine and there isn’t much more you could ask for. Of course the winter ride would be a horse and sleigh ride, but either way it is still romantic and wonderful. You can either go through a field of snow or around a park, enjoy the scenery and each other and make memories.

Summer is a great time too, but the buggy’s usually won’t be running if it’s real hot out, so prepare for a night ride, or early morning. With a night buggy ride you can enjoy the stars too so that’s a double bonus. In the morning, you have the crisp morning air and could even bring along some Memosa’s! now that would be a great brunch! In the winter you can bring along some hot chocolate, which you could spike if you wanted, after all you won’t be driving 😉 So have fun, whichever you choose and don’t forget the romance!!

Romantic Drive In Date

I know, I know, there aren’t many Drive-Ins around anymore, but if you happen to be lucky enough to have one in your town or at least within driving distance, this could be an great date night! The best thing about a Drive-In is that you can bring your own goodies!!! If you would rather not, they usually have a concession stand to buy popcorn and soda, but think about making your own, that way you don’t have to get out and walk there and back.

If you can find a Drive-In that is playing a romantic movie all the better!  Bring a blanket and some pillows and if you don’t feel like sitting in the car then lay on the hood, or if you have a pickup set up a nice little spot in the bed and relax and enjoy. Between the closeness, the movie and the stars above what could be more romantic??

Not to mention, most Drive-Ins are cheaper than going to a theater!! So while this could be a cheap date, it can also be a very fun and romantic date. You can sit closer than you could in a theater, you could even cuddle if you wanted, and when you add the stars and the perfect partner, you couldn’t ask for a better date 🙂

Holiday Romance

Let’s see, Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving, Valentines Day, Sweetest Day, Halloween…The list goes on! You have ample Holidays to plan wonderful and romantic dates!! You could even have theme dates on these holidays and have a ball with them.  So let’s start with the most romantic holiday ever!!! Valentines Day!  If you have ever went on a date for Valentines Day you know how crazy it is, all the restaurants are packed,

So if you are planning a Valentines date make sure you plan ahead! If you have a certain restaurant you are set on call ahead and make reservations. Valentines Day can be very romantic if you make sure to have everything set, otherwise you will be waiting for a table for at least an hour or more, at the more popular restaurants.  You can also, depending on where you live plan an outside date, this can be very romantic, take a lake cruise, some boats have wonderful dinner cruises.

Halloween, you can dress up as romantic icons, Romeo and Juliet, George and Martha Washington, Lady GaGa and…well, you get the picture  😉 Whichever holiday you choose, it can be an exciting and romantic time if you put your all into it. Just remember Holidays anywhere usually book up fast, so plan ahead and be ready for Romance!!

Romancing the Stars!

Stargazing can be wonderful and romantic. Imagine laying under the starts, looking up into the beautiful night sky and seeing all of those incredible stars.  It’s hard to imagine that with all the billions of stars and planets out there we are the only intelligent life. So many discussions can come from star gazing. You might even want to get a book on the constellations and talk about them, where they came from, what they mean…

Stars are wonderful, beautiful and mysterious. Whether you choose to set out a blanket on the lawn, on the hood of a car, in the bed of a pickup or on the beach, anywhere you choose to go to stargaze will be perfect.  Just make sure you check the weather frequently so that your romantic evening isn’t ruined by rain or clouds.

Have you ever noticed that in the dark of night, under the cloak of darkness people tend to be more open and honest with one another?? It seems that the dark is actually a comforting thing for some people and they are able to talk and be open because they aren’t actually face to face with someone, and even if they are you can’t see them.  Stargazing can be a wonderful time to talk about the future, long term plans and ask questions or be open with things you don’t feel like you can say in the daylight.

So enjoy your stargazing, but do a little talking too, you might be surprised by what you say or hear 🙂

Romantic BonFire

Fires and romance go hand in hand, so a date centered around a BonFire would be incredible! Start with a nice, quiet out of the way place to have your bonfire, Then make sure you clear out a space and surround it with rocks or stones to contain your fire.  Make sure you have plenty of firewood on hand and a few seats to sit on, whether you choose to use wood stumps to sit on or chairs, you can even get a double chair seat if you want to stay real close 🙂

Next make sure you check the weather, it wouldn’t be any fun to have a bonfire going and then get poured on, so make sure you are going to have a nice clear night with as little wind as possible.  You will also want to bring some things to cook on your fire, hot dogs and of course marshmallows are the most simple, just make sure you have sticks or something to cook them with.

Bring a blanket just in case it gets chilly, and bug spray in case it has rained recently, the mosquitoes will be out in force!  Once you have it all set up you can sit back and relax, have a nice conversation and roast your marshmallows and hot dogs until you are too full to move.  Above all have fun!! Romance isn’t always serious, it’s the fun times that are the best 🙂

Silly Romance

They say, you are only as old as you think, well in this case, you’re only as old as you ACT!! Think back to when you were a kid, how silly you were and how much fun you had! Why couldn’t you do that now?? Go to a park and swing on the swings, play in the sand, have foot races, do summersaults,  It doesn’t matter what you do, or even that you may look silly, it’s all about having fun!! What about going to the zoo and going in the petting zoo and petting the cute little critters.

You can also go to an arcade, go cart rides, or go to a place that is geared for kids like Chucke Cheese.  Just use your imagination, take a trip down memory lane and see what you can come up with, it’s all about being silly and having fun.  It doesn’t have to be all hugs and kisses and flowers and chocolates, some of the best and most memorable and fun times you will ever have will be when you are acting like a kid.

So plan your date accordingly, think like a kid, act like a kid and go for it! I bet you anything it will be the most fun you have had in a long time 🙂

Romantic Horseback Ride

There are MANY places that offer trail rides, depending on what area you live in they can run anywhere from $10 to $25 an hour, some are just through the woods type of trails and others will take you through creeks or even across small rivers!  These rides can be very relaxing and romantic. Imagine the two of you on horseback side by side walking through the woods or across a creek, it’s going back to the good old days when there were no cars or roadways, when people took it slow and easy and weren’t always in a rush to get anywhere.

You might even find a place that does a day long ride, or a few hours, where you stop and picnic and get your legs back before you are back on the horse heading home. These rides are incredible, and if you have never been on a horse before don’t worry, these horses have had all types of people on them, they know the trails so well you could probably fall asleep on their back and they would bring you right back home safe and sound 🙂

You need to wear gym shoes at the very least, boots if you have them, and jeans and depending on what time of day, or the weather you might want to wear a hat or a jacket too.  Just remember, you are on an animal, and like all animals they can be unpredictable, so just be aware of your surrounding and listen to your guide and you will be just fine 🙂

Romantic Scavenger Hunt

Who doesn’t love a scavenger hunt? What if you placed romantic gestures here and there and had your date or S.O. find them?? Depending on how long you have been dating, these items can go from very innocent like a little bag of chocolate kisses or 1 single rose to things much more provocative!

Think about your date or partner, what types of things do they like? What things can you find easily here and there that aren’t super expensive but would be a lot of fun to hunt for?? Dollar stores have tons of items you can purchase cheaply and wouldn’t bother you much if one or two items weren’t found.  Little knick knacks, candies, toys, bottles of liquor.

Use your imagination and see what you can come up with, then find a secluded spot where you won’t be worried about others coming upon your goodies, your own home is just as good as anywhere else and each item can lead to a bigger and better one or to a room in your home where you have something very special set up!

Draw a map and clues as to where each item is and make sure you have landmarks (if outdoors) so you are able to locate items your partner misses once the scavenger hunt is over. This can be a wonderful date or a fun adventure, either way your bound to have a laugh or two along the way.

Picnic Romance

Where you have a picnic is just as important as when! You don’t want to go in the heat of the day so make sure you plan your picnic outing mid afternoon or even a morning picnic can be romantic.  Be careful when you pick your location too that it’s away from heavy traffic and of course any garbage receptacle! There is nothing worse than people walking, running or playing around your picnic area and even worse when it smells like a garbage dump!

Figure out what you will bring on your picnic when it comes to your food and make sure that it is stored properly if it needs to be chilled or kept cold. Usually finger foods are best, cheese, crackers, fruit and so forth, it just makes it easier not only that you don’t have to put things together, but much easier to feed each other 😉

So remember, time and place are most important, and of course the picnic basket of goodies! Some flowers wouldn’t hurt either 😉 With the right mood, any picnic can be romantic, it’s all about how much effort you put into it and what kind of an imagination you have!