Popular Couples Toys featured on Marriage Boot Camp and Bridezillas

The new reality show dedicated to inspiring healthier, happier marriages featured a field trip to an adult store where couples explored how intimate accessories could change their sex lives forever. Hosted by husband-and-wife counselor team Jim and Elizabeth Carroll, the show features five couples made famous by their appearances on WE TV’s running show “Bridezillas” who are in need of relationship repair. After introducing the couples to the idea of being playful in the bedroom in this special episode, the group headed to an adult shop for some sexy suggestions:

“This is a [vibrating] ring,” the store clerk said, holding The Screaming O Big O Glow up for all to see. “He puts it on him and becomes a human vibrator.”

Screaming O said the product is popular for its erection-enhancing fit, LED light that flashes and glows, and its multifunction motor that pulsates and vibrates. “A healthy sex life is crucial for real intimacy and is a key ingredient for almost every successful marriage,” counselor Jim Carroll said.

One couple chose the Sportsheets Vibrating Doggie Style Strap to improve their sex life. Danni and Marlon (DJ Bigg Slim) told cameras to “Stay out!” as they carried the Sportsheets product to their bedroom and took it for a test run behind closed doors.

Sportsheets has been ‘Keeping Couples Connected’ for more than 20 years and we’re honored that our award-winning products were recommended for maintaining a happy and healthy sex life,” Sportsheets President Julie Stewart said. “Our Vibrating Doggie Style Strap and other popular sexual positioning tools make it easy and comfortable to try new positions in the bedroom, while our famous restraints are fun accessories for couples looking to add a little spice. Whatever their pleasure — even when they’re not quite sure what it might be — Sportsheets has something to help couples along the way.”

It’s OK To Be Naughty

I want you to know something really important. As women it’s okay to be naughty, to be direct, and to be sexy. Look, we’re sexual beings. It’s a great thing. I love when I’m with a woman that’s a little kinky and naughty. A little dirty.

Actually, I respect that. And if you think about it, most men will.

The more you express your sexuality, the more you express who you are, the more you let go of your inner “naughty woman”, the better your life’s going to be.

We need to dress up, be a little naughty, and have dirty talk and texts to each other. Life is too short. Sex is the one thing that’s free for everybody to explore so don’t hold back in the bedroom. Whenever you hold back in the bedroom, you’re holding back your sexuality.

Think about your past lovers. Think about what satisfied you about them, and think about what frustrated you about them.

How open are you when it comes down to talking naughty? How open are you when it comes down to letting go with what you want? How open are you with your own sexuality?

A little naughty talk, a little dirty talk is great. If the guy you’re with can’t handle that you’re with the wrong man.

When it comes to your next relationship you need to know who you are as a sexual being. Work out what you like. What you want. And what really turns you on. Me? I love when women are naughty. I like women who know how to speak. I like a woman that likes to speak about their desires. It turns me on when a woman is very open and sexual.

If you’re a woman that’s conservative, that’s who you are. Maybe you just need to be with a guy that’s just as conservative sexually. There’s nothing wrong with that, although I promise when you let go in the bedroom you’ll love it so much you’ll never look back.

So the message here ladies is, guys like women who are sexually open. Don’t buy into the media BS that women who like to be a little naughty are cheap and trashy. Sex is the most natural thing in the world, and you should be able to be who you are without worrying what other people think.

Like I said if you’re a very outgoing woman sexually and it scares a guy off, he’s just not right for you. Wait for someone who can handle who you are in the bedroom. I guarantee you’ll have no shortage of guys who’d love the opportunity to try!

Ideas For Romance – 75 Romantic Tips

1. Send a dozen roses: 11 red roses and 1 white one. The note: “In every bunch there’s one who stands out – and you are that one.”

2. “The art of love … is largely the art of persistence” Dr Albert Ellis

3. Write him/her a check for one million kisses

4. Something for the Honeymoon or anniversary… a lottery ticket and a note: “I hit the jackpot when I married you.”

5. Book A Massage to give your partner a professional massage.

6. Kiss every square inch of her body S-L-O-W-L-Y!

7. Hide a love note in a bottle of vitamins. The note will say: “Try some vitamin L.”

8. Scatter rose petals all over the bed.

9. Buy the music CD “Let’s talk about love” by Celine Dion.

10. Three simple sex rules:
* gals are slow, guys are fast
* guys are visual: Show him…
* gals are auditory: Tell her…

11. Write notes on Post-it notes and stick them around.

12. Don’t buy cheap lingerie unless you plan to rip it off her in passionate lovemaking.

13. Hide a love note in his pants pocket.

14. Other places to hide a small note:
* under the pillow
* in his shaving kit
* between the pages he/she is reading

15. Guys: know her dress size, shoe and stocking size, blouse and nightgown size, bra and panty size, pants and coat size, and of course her finger size (for rings that fit).

16. Gals: know his coat size, shoe and hat size, shirt and pants size, finger size (for bowling balls that fit)…

17. Give the gift of time (wristwatch) with this inscription: “I’ll always have time for you.”

18. NEVER, never, never say “I told you so”.

19. Mail a lock of your hair to your lover.

20. Ask him to pick a number between 1 and 50, then reward him with that number of kisses.

21. Make a habit of taking a stroll after dinner every evening.

22. “Women fall in love through their ears, men fall in love through their eyes.” Woodrow Wyatt.

23. When dining, share everything: your meals and desserts.

24. Make love on top of the washer/dryer (while it’s running).

25. Attach a note on the TV remote: “Turn me on instead!”

26. Before getting out of bed, face your partner, give him/her a kiss and say: “I’m so thankful I have you in my life.”

27. Sign your letters: “Forever and a day”

28. Place a heart-shaped sticker on your wristwatch to remind you to call.

29. On your lover’s birthday send his/her mother a “Thank you” card.

30. Hide a pair of earrings in a box of chocolates.

31. Celebrate the anniversary of when you first met.

32. Shower together by candlelight.

33. Use the little strips of paper from Hershey’s kisses as coupons redeemable for one kiss each.

34. Tell your mate that you – love, adore, admire, cherish, desire, want, need, prize, esteem, idolize, revere, treasure him/her.

35. Hide a little gift for her so she’ll find it during a walk together.

36. Leave a note: “I know we are soul mates because…..”

37. “Imagination is more important than knowledge” – Albert Einstein

38. Give her your jacket when she is chilly.

39. Nothing is impossible to a willing heart, so let your imagination go wild…

40. Guys: Hold her dinner chair.

41. “One does not fall ‘in’ or ‘out’ of love. One grows in love” – Leo Buscaglia

42. Buy her an outfit while she’s trying it on; let her wear it out of the store.

43. Slip a little love note into his wallet, in between the dollar bills.

44. Drip chocolate syrup on selected body parts before lovemaking.

45. Inspiration for long time lovers: “The older the violin, the sweeter the music” – Anonymous

46. Gently brush her cheeks with your lips.

47. Give him a lottery ticket. Attach a note: “You are one in a million”

48. While slow dancing, whisper something sweet to her.

49. Get the song “I Will Always Love You” by Whitney Houston.

50. When attending a wedding, whisper: “If I had to do it over, I’d marry you again.”

51. Hide a teeny, tiny gift somewhere on your body and make him find it.

52. Fill his toolbox with lingerie. Make him “work” to get his tools back.

53. Fold a love note in a fluffy bath towel.

54. Run your hands under warm water before going to bed.

55. Let a Shakespearean quote speak for you.

56. Gals: Never, never, never talk about your past boyfriends in front of him.

57. Sprinkle perfume on to light bulb. When light is turned on the scent of the perfume will fill the room.

58. Listen to a romantic audio tape, fix a cup of hot flavored tea, and light two candles.

59. Keep a journal of your romantic fantasies. Share it with your soul mate.

60. Take a picture of yourself in the most sexy outfit possible. Hide in a secret spot in your house and leave him or her clues on how to get there. Watch the sparks fly!

61. Play “hide-and-seek” in the rain. It’s fun and VERY sensual!

62. Fill bathtub with warm water sprinkled with rose petals.

63. Invite your sweetie to an intimate dinner at your place. Make a pizza and with the pepperoni you can write something sweet, like “you are the one for me”.

64. Surprise your lover with a kiss before they can finish a sentence.

65. Write your own love poems then record them on a tape and give them to your sweetheart.

66. Give your love an antique compass and say “You will never lose me”.

67. Your love will swear the needle always points to their heart!

68. While your love takes a shower, write the words “I love you” in the condensation of the bathroom mirror.

69. Leave a trail of “Hershey’s chocolate kisses” from the front door to the bedroom, right up to the bed. On the bed leave a note that reads ‘I kiss the ground you walk on.’ Make sure you’re not home when s/he gets in!

70. Play the game of monopoly with a few new rules. Change boardwalk into backrub, and Tennessee into take your shirt off. Every time you pass go, you get a kiss. etc…

71. Look straight into the eyes of your love and PAY ATTENTION to what they tell you! Tell your mate something about you that no one else knows.

72. Look into the eyes of your special someone often. “The eyes are the window to the soul”. Weave love, sex, intimacy, passion and romance into the fabric of your daily lives.

73. Buy a set of matching silk pajamas, and take turns modeling them for each other.

74. Men: Talk more.

75. Women: Touch more.

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First Date Ideas

Dinner and a movie may seem like the ideal first date, but trust us on this one: it’s not. Sure, it’s easy. And it takes the pressure off (you can just lean back and enjoy your popcorn if the conversation dies off) but the whole point of a first date is to get to know one another, and that’s hard to do when you’re trying to follow the plot of the latest Jason Bourne flick.

Fortunately, we’ve put together an entire list of first date ideas to get your started. And if you thought football games were your only option, think again.

Take a Look

Just because you’re no longer in the fifth grade doesn’t mean you and your date can’t enjoy a nice field trip together. So head to a local art museum, or take a trip to the zoo, nature preserve or aquarium. The good thing about an exhibit-oriented date is that you’ll never run out of things to talk about, whether it’s the fascinating use of color in Van Gogh’s Starry Night or the fact that the crazy-looking baboon swinging from the rafters reminds you of your Aunt Mildred after too many drinks last Christmas (actually, maybe you should keep that to yourself for now).

Museums and zoos also make for great people watching and some museums, especially art museums, are generally open late one night a week so keep an eye out for special date-friendly events.

Go Shopping

Farmer’s Markets are another way to get to know someone. Check your local paper for a listing of upcoming events and invite your date to meet you for a stroll. Most likely, you’re not ready to start hosting luxurious dinner parties together just yet but you can always skip the produce and grab some baked goods instead. Plus, you’ll be able to determine whether your date is pro-broccoli or anti-broccoli and depending on your tastes for greens, this might very well be a deal breaker.

Take a Walk

If organic produce isn’t your thing, try for a festival or a street fair. With Oktoberfest just around the corner, you might even find one that serves beer. Alternatively, you can pack a picnic and head to the park or – if you’re feeling especially intrepid – suggest a hike. Bear in mind, however, that if you’re just getting to know your date, he or she might be reluctant to head off into the woods with you (there are just way too many horror films that start off that way).

Just Dance

Lady Gaga said it best. Dancing can be a great first date as long as you’re both equally equipped (or equally ill-equipped as the case may be). Try a salsa class together or, if you’re both seasoned pros, hit the club. Dancing can be a great way to get a bit closer to your date, in every sense of the word. But you need to be sensitive to the fact that he or she might feel intimidated if their footwork doesn’t measure up so start slow with something that’s new to both of you.

Grab Your Skates

Sure, it’s a bit cheesy but let’s face it: there’s a reason why ice skating has been around for as long as it has. It’s fun! And, like dancing, it comes with the perfect excuse to cozy up to your date. Don’t worry if your skating skills are sub-par; falling down is half the fun and you can always take a break to hit up the snack bar for a cup of hot chocolate.

It’s Just Brunch

Dinner might be the most common first date but it can also be one of the most expensive (and awkward, especially if things aren’t going well). We suggest you opt for brunch instead. Why? Well, brunch gives you the best of both worlds: breakfast and lunch. And if your sweetheart-to-be has a sweet tooth, he or she will be sure to find something to their liking.

The other good thing about brunch is that it gives you plenty of time to continue getting to know one another if you so choose (perhaps a stroll to your favorite book shop is in order?) but if you decide to bail, you’ll still have plenty of time to meet your posse for drinks later that evening.


Grab your local paper and start researching things to do. Keep an eye out for farmer’s markets, special exhibitions or late night events.

Register for a dance class. Then, ask the person your interested in to go with you.

Ask around for restaurant recommendations. Once you find one you like, find out if they offer brunch and book a table for two.

Click here for 300 creative date ideas

10 Worst First Date Ideas

There are good dates and there are bad dates. Sometimes you can blame the company (i.e. your date hasn’t showered lately) but sometimes you just have to blame the date idea itself.

To help you steer clear of a potentially disastrous situation, we’ve put together a list of the

10 worst first dates of all time.

1. Dive Bars

Stop by your favorite dive bar for an evening of drinking and revelry. Let your date know how lucky she is to be with you by pointing out all the women you’ve slept with and others you could have if you’d wanted to. Be sure to drink heavily and top the night off by starting a fight. Once your date knows that you’re in such high demand, she’ll be putty in your hands.

2. Politics are Sexy

Election season can be a great time to broaden your horizons, which is exactly what you should tell your date when you invite them to join you at a political function for the opposing party. Be sure to name drop as much as possible and if your date protests, politely inform them that you’re trying to help them become a better person because they seemed a little narrow-minded during your first conversation. They will appreciate the thought.

3. Head Banger’s Ball

You loooove Black Sabbath and even though you know your crush isn’t equally enamored, it’s simply because they don’t know any better. Grab yourself a pair of concert tickets and scream yourselves hoarse. This way you won’t have to bother with small talk on the way home.

4. Double Your Trouble

Convince your date to double with your ex and his or her new crush, assuring them that you’re just friends now. Be sure to focus the conversation on your failed relationship with your ex and how it doesn’t seem like they have anything in common with their date. Because you’re sensitive like that.

5. Comic-Con

Comic-Con is a place of fun and fantasy where everyone gets to be their favorite hero for a day – whether they like it or not. Show your date how much you care by providing them with a costume (we recommend your preferred comic sidekick or hero hottie) and suit up for a day of delights. Be sure to enroll yourselves in round table discussions about the original Star Wars saga vs. the prequels and whether the latest edition of Dungeons and Dragons makes the game more or less accessible to the masses. They will be fascinated.

6. McDonalds

Who doesn’t love the Golden Arches? Ask your date to dinner on a 2-for-1 day and insist that they order the special. If she won’t go along with it, mention that you forgot your wallet and that she’ll have to pay. Girls can’t resist a frugal guy.

7. Your High School Reunion

If you weren’t the most popular kid in high school, now is your chance to shine! Bring a date to your high school reunion but make sure to take a look through their wardrobe first so they’ll look their best, which makes you look your best! We’re thinking something low-cut with high heels for the girls, and a tight, v-neck t-shirt for the guys. Don’t worry about their comfort, tonight is about making you look good!

8. License and Registration

Ask your date to wait with you at the DMV while you get your license renewed; it will be a great chance to get to know each other. On the day of the date, casually mention that they’ll have to drive because your license expired actually quite some time ago. When you get to the DMV be sure to pass the time making off-color jokes about your fellow citizens, focusing your attention on different races and nationalities. Everyone loves an equal opportunist when it comes to racial slurs!

9. Slummin’

Nothing says you’re an original like a walk through your city’s seedy underbelly. Be sure to mention that you “like to keep it real” whenever the opportunity presents itself. Bonus points if you capture some choice scenes of poverty and suffering (or violence!) and post them on YouTube. This will demonstrate that you’re always up for a little fame, even at someone else’s expense.

10. Nude Beach

Everybody loves a day at the beach, just make sure not to mention ahead of time that you’re going to a nude beach. When your date strips down to their bathing suit, raise an eyebrow and ask “Are you really going to stop there?” Now most people will resist full frontal nudity on the first date, especially in public, but you’re not going to let them off that easy. Make liberal use of the terms “sissy” and “repressed” as you harass them without mercy, and by mid-day you should be seeing some skin.

Okay, by now you’ve probably figured out that these date ideas are completely ridiculous but they actually provide a pretty good list of things to avoid on a first date. And by that we mean the actions – not just the ideas – so consider some of the missteps:

Selfish and inconsiderate behavior

Being a cheap date

Making racist comments

Moving too fast

Forcing your interests on your date

Talking about previous relationships or sexual encounters

Flirting with others

Trying to change your date’s opinions

Not going somewhere you can talk and get to know each other

Being phony and insincere


Drinking heavily and fighting (we’re hoping this last one is obvious)

Any, or all of these, can add up to a bungled first date. Click here for our 10 Best First Date Ideas instead.

Click here for 300 creative date ideas

Why Your Man Won’t Commit‏ – Ask Him What He Wants

From Rebecca:

Calvin, I have a question in an e-mail you recently sent out.

I’m following all your tips. But yet, I’m still not meeting men that want to commit. I don’t understand what I’m doing wrong.

I wonder if it’s me. Am I attracting the wrong type of guy?

I seem to only find men that want sex, but none that want to commit.

I’m being a fun date. I’m doing all the things that I think I’m doing right. But what exactly am I doing wrong?

Thanks for your help, Becca

I love these e-mails. First of all, the e-mail said absolutely nothing except the fact that you’re a great date.

Here’s the deal: The reason why you’re getting men that won’t commit is because you are just being a fun date, and you’re not listening to what they say.

Most women are so afraid to ask the man what he wants.  They don’t want to push any envelopes. They don’t want to ask the tough questions. So they settle at just being fun.

So the man just thinks that he’s with a cool woman that’s not interested in anything deep, just having fun and having sex.

But there are a lot of men out there that want to commit. You’re just meeting the wrong guys and wasting too much time with them. Men will tell you exactly what they’re looking for if you ask.

So what you need to do is start paying closer attention to what he’s really saying.

I remember when I was dating somebody years ago, and I told her flat out that I didn’t want a relationship. I just wanted to enjoy her and the time we spent together.

She felt like she could change me, and three months later we broke up.

You can’t change us. You can’t make us commit. Women love to be agents of change. You love to believe that you can change us.

But you can’t. So don’t try.

Ask him what he wants and find out if the two of you are a good match.

If not, move on. There are plenty of fish in the sea.

In fact, if you are sick and tired of meeting all the wrong men, click here and my good friend David and I will show you how to attract the man of your dreams.

How To Get Rid Of Creepy Guys‏

How do you get rid of the creepy guy that you’re not interested in?

You know, the guy that just makes you feel icky when you first meet him, but yet, for some reason or another, you gave your phone number to him hoping he would never call.

But of course, he called—13 or 14 times.

Kind of like what happened to Lisa:

Hi Calvin,

I met a guy the other day.

He was so cool…but I really didn’t feel anything for him. But for some reason I still gave him my phone number

Last night we got into a conversation on the phone and I realized I just wanted to be his friend.

Yet I still went out to coffee with him and a second date with him even though I just knew that I never really wanted to be with him in the first place.

Calvin, I have so much trouble telling guys the truth. How come? I don’t want to hurt them. How do I tell them how I feel without hurting their feelings?

— Lisa

Lisa, here’s the deal:

You don’t want to hurt them, but you just led him on…which may lead to more hurt in the future.

You see, as men, we get very excited. A lot of men get really excited when they get a phone number because they don’t get a lot of phone numbers from women.

They might get one phone number a month—if they’re lucky.

So when that guy got your phone number, he got high expectations with that phone number. He wanted that phone number to work out. He might have wanted you to be his girlfriend.

So, you got on the phone with him. You talked to him. You had a couple of dates with him. He was excited. He was starting to think about the future with you.

The problem is, you led him on because you were thinking that it would hurt him less—which is false.

Here’s the deal: Say “no” right away when a man asks you.

Let him deal with the instant feeling of rejection. He doesn’t know you. You’re just a vision, a fantasy in his mind. When you tell him “no” right away, then you free him to move on to the next fantasy.

When you lead a guy on, you don’t hurt him immediately but you hurt him long-term.

When you hurt him that way, it goes deeper—you do more damage. Instead of wasting time with you he could be meeting somebody who really wantsto be with him.

So the next time a man asks you for a phone number, just say no.

Click here and learn how to say, “No”.

How to Speak Man

Dear Calvin,

I’m sure you’ve written about this before but you need to help me understand what’s going on with this man.

I’m 45. The man I’ve met is 51.

He’s got a few kids. I’ve got a few kids. They’re mostly grown up.

I really want the relationship. He just seems to want a weekend thing.

I don’t know. How much longer should I give him? I know eventually he’s going to turn around, but how much of my time should I give him? He always tells me that he doesn’t want anything serious, but I do. How can I change his mind?


You’ve got to learn how to speak man.

You see, men are very simple; women are complicated.

We tell you that we only want a weekend thing. You think that you can change our minds.

You talked about it with your friends. Your friends will say, “He’ll come around in time. Just keep doing the things you’re doing.”

But we don’t come around. If we tell you we want a weekend thing, if we tell you we want a one-night-a-week thing, if we tell you we’re not looking for a relationship, we tell you that because we mean it.

Click here and learn how to  listen.

We tell you right from the get-go what we do and don’t want.

We tell you that we don’t want kids and you think we’re going to want kids once we get to know you better.

Women do this all the time. They constantly thing they can change a man.

You constantly think you’re able to change him just because you’re wonderful, warm, sweet, and fantastic.

But you’re not going to.

We’re so black and white. We tell you what we want. We tell you what we desire. Just listen to it and go with it. If you do that then you won’t be disappointed when it doesn’t work out.

Click here… It’s that simple ladies… just listen.

How to Deal with His Baggage

If someone asks you to describe your perfect person, would you include their baggage?

Would you describe the luggage that they carry around with them all day long?

Your perfect person: would you be able to help them carry their luggage?

Would you help them clean up when everything comes spilling out?

Here’s the deal,

There is no perfect person — we’re all a complete mess.

And that is what makes us so beautiful.

Everyone comes with baggage; just make sure that your partner’s baggage doesn’t drive you deeper into your own personal hell.

If you think about it, you were placed on this universe at this time to meet that person and help teach them things.

That is the beauty of relationships. We’re all looking for our perfect person, but in reality we’re really looking to connect, help and grow.

So here is a question that you need to ask the next time you’re in a relationship with somebody:

Do they help you with your baggage?

Each relationship is designed to take another piece of clothing out of the suitcase until you have an empty suitcase at the end of your life.

When I am with somebody, I want to know that I can help empty their bags. Piece by piece, I want to help them unpack their suitcase and make their life a little lighter, easier, and happier.

So next time that you meet someone, help them unpack their suitcase and help them lighten their baggage. If it is not stressful then you’re the person for the job.

Empty your suitcase and see how they help you. If they do, then you actually have a really healthy relationship because that relationship is based on helping one another become stronger, more confident, powerful people.

And that is what a relationship is about. We meet people when we need to meet them. There is a reason why we’re attracted to people. Sometimes you’re doing more fixing. Other times you’re being fixed, but in reality, you’re there to help one another on the journey of life.

And who knows, maybe when all of the suitcase is fully empty you can start building up a new suitcase full of crap that you torture each other with at the end so that the next person can then go and unpack all the crap that happened in your current relationship.

But that is the pessimistic side. I truly believe that we’re here to help un-check each other’s issues, or bags.

Click here once you have made a clear commitment to finally getting a handle on your dating life. No Matter What!

Why Men Commit‏

This is a question that women ask all the time:

“Why do men commit?”

And I always give this analogy in response:

A woman’s perfect night is to come home, unwind, talk all about her day, and have her man shake his head, listen, and say, “Yes, honey, I understand totally,” without doing his man thing and try to fix it.

Maybe he’ll rub her head a little bit, maybe hold her a little bit, and that’s it.

A man’s favorite night is this:

He comes home and he smells steak. He looks at his woman dressed in lingerie and says, “Honey, what is that?”

She responds with, “That’s a prime rib that I’m cooking for you. Would like your blowjob now or later?”

Are men really just primitive cave men that want their dicks sucked non-stop?

The answer to that is yes and no.

We also like to be nurtured like from mom, but we also love a woman that’s going to be naughty with us because the thought of being naughty with a woman on a regular basis really turns us on and makes us want to commit.

But we also need you to honor and respect us.

We need to feel like a man at all times. When you speak to us, you need to speak to us like men and not like little boys — even if we may be acting like one in the moment.

We want to be nurtured.

We want to be honored.

We want to know that you appreciate the skills we have and we don’t want to hear about what we can’t do or about what you’d like to change about us.

Men commit to a woman that is willing to go the extra mile sexually.

Every man is different.

Some men love a woman dressed up in a little cop outfit with little handcuffs on it. Personally, I think that would crack me up. Other man, love a daily blowjob. Other men like sex once a week.

But whatever it is that your man wants sexually, if you’re willing go there and explore those fantasies with him, then that is a man that is going to stick around.

Find out who your man is and what he is sexually and you’ll know exactly how to get him to commit and stay happy.

In reality, we’re looking for a partner or a best friend, somebody that’s just not going to bust our balls.

We want to be a rock; we want to be strong for you. We don’t want to be chiseled or broken down, and that’s the problem a lot of women do. They look at a man and they date him for his potential, and then they try to mold him, and by the end of that relationship, he’s broken.

We just want to be loved for who we are and we want to be accepted for who we are, just like you.

You want a man to commit?

Click here and date a man that you actually want to be with.