Coaching Services

What Types of Packages Do You Offer?

We offer a 3-month and a 6-month relationship coaching sessions. We also have group coaching available. The longer we work together, the more sustainable and deeper change. This will best serve you in the long-run. It takes time and awareness to undo habits and beliefs you have held for a long time. The relationship coaching process works better when you give it more time and attention. Our process is about resolving issues holding you back and then making a plan to move forward and create the positive changes and transformations in your love life. It is educational and inspirational as well as practical, including many tools, strategies, and insight to help you achieve your goals and continue your growth after the coaching relationship is complete. Coaching is about commitment to action.

Customer Testimonials

This May Have Saved Our Marriage. I can honestly say that Calvin has put our marriage back on track. It has honestly been amazing to see how much peace has come back into our home by using the tools you’ve given us. This may have just saved our marriage!

Mary S, April 2017

When I used the tools, his whole demeanor changed. He softened and we could talk about the issue instead of arguing!

Tracy B, December 2016

I have found my true love. Thank you for your tips.

Eddie A, February 2015

Calvin…Thank you for telling me what I needed to hear instead of what I wanted to hear…even if it was hard and you had to hear me cry. The tears are cleansing, and you understand that. It hurts right now, but you can see that the pain brings greater happiness down the road. The choices you gave me brought comfort in every direction, and you left it up to me, but the right road was made clear, and you also made sure it was shinier than the other ones. You have a gift…thank you for sharing it with me. I hope your gift works for yourself too….

Wendy W, June 2015

More Information:

We Empower Singles and Couples to Attract Love and Strengthen Marriages through Powerful Tools and Coaching.

We work with:
Women looking to feel more love, chemistry, empowered, feminine, and sexy.
Men looking to feel more confident, purposeful, and appreciated.
People looking for an intimate and love lasting relationship that that is full of energy, love, passion, excitement, and adventure.
Women and men in relationships who want to strengthen and revive the love and passion in their relationship.
People who want to learn how to proactively deal with relationship problems or conflicts.
People looking change limiting relationship patterns and overcome internal roadblocks.
Couples who want to take their relationship from pretty good to absolutely amazing.
Anyone wanting to learn how to get more love in their single life or relationship.
Are you ready to attract the love you deserve this year and have a Breakthrough to Romance? Then call me and request a free 30-minute phone consultation at 1-818-219-4165.

Benefits & Features:

Be more confident and in control of your love life.
Inspire more chemistry.
Become more open and create emotionally rewarding connections.
Attract relationship-ready men or woman.
Break patterns of negative thinking that are holding you back.
Discover your true romantic value and make the most of it.